Reuters/Ipsos Survey: Nearly 80% say Biden won Election

Pollemix News – November 11, 2020
A new Reuters/Ipsos opinion survey shows that a majority of Americans believe that Democrat Joe Biden was the legitimate winner of the 2020 Presidential race despite President Trump’s repeated claims that the former VP only won because of election chicanery. An overwhelming 79% of respondents said that Biden won, including half of Republicans, whilst only 3% thought Trump won, 13% believe the victor is yet to be decided and 5% weren’t sure who won.

The results will be somewhat of a blow to the Trump campaign which would have hoped for broader public support as they prepare litigation across key battleground states to contest the results and overturn Biden’s perceived victory. Most media organizations declared Biden President-Elect after he crossed the 270 electoral vote threshold when Pennsylvania was called in his favor, however, Trump and his allies have contended that there was widespread voter fraud across the nation and the President has threatened that he is willing to dispute the result all the way to the Supreme Court.

The survey also said that 72% of respondents believed that the election loser should concede, whilst 6 in 10 thought there would be a peaceful transition of power before inauguration. The survey gathered responses from 1,363 U.S. adults in all, including 469 respondents who took the poll between Saturday afternoon and Tuesday with a margin of error of 5 points.

As yet only a few Republican lawmakers including frequent critics Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski have broken ranks to ask the President to concede the election, however, Trump’s legal team will need to present compelling voter fraud evidence fast or risk losing the PR battle and forcing more GOP congress members to peel away their support.

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