“The Pulse of the People”

Pollemix is a non-partisan symposium of intellectual debate, the free exchange of ideas and polling public sentiment on issues affecting the body politic. Contrary to corporate media Pollemix is about voicing your ideas and opinions not ours. So please join in the conversation today and suggest a poll, vote or comment.

Please understand that whilst we encourage healthy debate, we do not tolerate doxing, threats, harassment or other violations of civility and comments that contravene this will be removed. Threats and personal insults are the refuge of the weak-minded and tacit admission of the fragility of one’s viewpoint. If hearing a perspective that challenges your opinion is too uncomfortable, we suggest retreating to the numerous echo chambers available on the web that already agree with your ideology and provide a safe space where one can “preach to the choir” and groupthink goes unchallenged.

Pollemix is for true intellectuals and deep thinkers that wish to challenge the status quo, question the narrative and engage in debate with opposing perspectives to expose the strength or weakness of the arguments that shape our society.