WATCH: QAnon supporter warns of “Civil War” if Trump is not reinstated President

By Harps Johal for Pollemix News
Posted on July 01, 2024

As the summer heat intensifies, so too has the rhetoric of die-hard MAGA fans with threats of a coming “Civil War” if Trump isn’t reinstated as President. In spite of Biden being in office for 6 months, many Trump supporters remain convinced of an imminent Presidential coup.

Most of this optimism is based upon a prediction from the widely discredited QAnon conspiracy movement. Despite QAnon’s abysmal track record of prophecy, including failed claims that Trump would be returned to office on January 06 and Biden’s Inauguration, there remains a contingent of true believers that continue to place faith that Q’s predictions will eventually bear fruit.

Donald Trump has also fueled this optimism by continuing to rail against the “stolen” election while hinting at a return. Although this could be considered typical bluster, there were reports even Trump has begun to believe in a possible reinstatement. Much of the hope is based around the Arizona audit and the belief that it will prove Trump was cheated of victory.

A CNN reporter attended Trump’s weekend rally and interviewed supporters convinced of Trump’s return. One QAnon supporting attendee claimed Trump would return as President by the “middle of August”. When asked, “what if it doesn’t happen?” The supporter responded, “we’re going to be in a civil war because the militia will be taking over.”

Interviews at Trump Rally warning of Civil War

CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan said the rhetoric was reminiscent of his interviews with Trump supporters 2 days prior to the Insurrection. The DHS has also warned of increasing threats of violence if the August reinstatement fails to materialize. Shockingly, 30% of Republicans believe Trump will become President again this year. Although it’s perhaps not that surprising considering the rhetoric from Trump and QAnon Republicans such as Marjorie Taylor Greene. Even Republicans against Trump’s “stolen election” claims are reluctant to reprimand him publicly, for fear of alienating the base.


Despite being out of office for over 6 months Trump’s supporters remain as passionate as ever. However, as the weeks pass the number of supporters who continue to believe in his return is declining. QAnon’s latest prognostication will also fail, as they all have so far. While there will be incandescent anger once the August reinstatement theory crumbles, it will be quickly followed up by a new prediction. Talk of a “Civil War” if Trump isn’t reinstalled as President is likely petulance, rather than reality. More importantly, unlike the January 06 Insurrection, there is no planned mass gathering of Trump supporters. Therefore, any anger and resentment at their Messiah not having his Presidency resurrected will hopefully be confined online.

Is the US heading for a 2nd Civil War?

The 2020 Election and the aftermath have shown America is more polarized and divided than ever. Increasingly, we seem to be split along ideological lines with Republicans and Democrats at each others throats. Are we on the brink of another Civil War? Or will Americans come together as a nation once again?