President Joe Biden to launch new gun control measures aimed at dealers

By Harps Johal for Pollemix News
Posted on June 23, 2021


  • President Biden to target dealers with new gun control legislation aimed at curbing illegal sales.
  • Biden is blaming a 30% increase in gun violence on an increased proliferation of firearms.
  • Gun dealerships that fail to comply with legislation may have their license stripped even on a first offense.

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President Joe Biden will announce a raft of new gun control measures targeting illegal sales by gun dealerships. Biden’s announcement follows a post-pandemic rise in violence that has led to a 30% increase in homicides this year.

The administration is blaming this increased violence on the proliferation of illegal guns and this latest crackdown is their effort to turn the tide. Republicans, however,  remain adamantly opposed to any gun control legislation and will block anything tabled by the Democrats. Therefore, President Biden will seek to implement his new measures through Executive Order.

Included in the legislation are tougher penalties for dealerships selling illegal firearms and additional funding for police. Considering some Democrats have called for ‘defunding the Police‘ recently, Biden’s proposal seems to signal he is not ready to kowtow to the extreme left of his party. Nevertheless, Biden’s gun control effort is likely to face stiff opposition from Republican lawmakers who have repeatedly rejected any encroachment on the 2nd Amendment.

Included in Biden’s plan are:

  • Zero tolerance for gun dealers caught illegally selling weapons.
  • Potentially revoking dealership licenses, even for a first offense.
  • Improved coordination among ATF field offices to facilitate an increase in dealership inspections.
  • Cracking down on “ghost guns” and modified weapons.
  • Allowing states to use Covid relief funds to hire more police officers.


It is difficult to solely pin the blame on the increase in violence and homicides on guns. Widespread unemployment and increased poverty following the Covid pandemic have undoubtedly contributed to the recent uptick in violence. Therefore, isolating gun control as the solution is the equivalent of ‘putting a band-aid on an ax wound’. Furthermore, Republicans have made it clear they will obstruct any legislation put forward by the current administration, regardless of the issue. Considering that the 2nd Amendment is a rallying cry for their base, it is unlikely that the Republicans will cede any ground to President Biden on gun control. Therefore, the administration’s only real pathway forward is to push through whatever measures they can by Executive Order.

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Following a recent spate of mass shootings, gun control advocates are calling on President Joe Biden to enact stricter gun control regulations including more stringent background checks and the banning of 'assault rifles'.

Those opposed to strengthening gun control legislation insist that the 2nd Amendment is enshrined in our Constitution and that the proposed measures would only hurt law-abiding gun owners as criminals will ignore the law regardless.

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