Pollemix – The Pulse of the People

There are so many reasons that make “The Voice of the Nation” so direly necessary to record, and there are currently plenty of issues to lay claim to with your valuable opinion on. If you happen to be a Biden fan, you’re stoked about the stimulus but may be taking heat from your Republican friends and family over him spreading Democratic cheer via Middle Eastern bombs! Political polls are the true “Beast of Burden” here at Pollemix, as the division of the nation has had people on both sides of the spectrum like the old man that wants you off their lawn to the latte-sipping urban dweller who is so on point you just cannot keep up.

Allowing our loyal followers to haughtily hide behind their keyboards and disagree on everything ranging from climate change to Cancun trips during disarray, all of us at Pollemix take pride in checking the pulse of the nation to see where the public currently stands. As the People of the United States in general have experienced a greater level of distrust towards their leaders, the line between loyalty to their chosen ones and frustration with current events becomes blurry fast: the last year has taught us that being loyal to the almighty dollar may just keep one out of foreclosure but could ebb on your conscience!

The battle and continuous incidents of disagreement between the right and left are only heating up more frequently now, and you are not going to want to ignore the results when any of our political polls are digitally counted. As America has balked at fulfilling any sentiment of “Great Expectations” during the virus outbreak, many of you who are participating in our polls are disgusted at what the rest of the world thinks of us.

Other nations are in dire peril as well, and as the economy lags on, there are plenty of hard-working Americans who think every liberal is looking for a handout, and scores of doctorate-holding Democrats who largely beg to differ! The times currently dictated a dimension where change is rapidly taking shape but going fiercely at it with our political polls keeps everyone consistently informed on just where the two sides differ and offer a snapshot of their rabid diversity.

Now is the time for you to join the conversation. Participate in our polls, voice your opinions and debate the issues at Pollemix – The Pulse of the People.