Mike Lindell pulls millions in ads from Fox after they refuse to air his election fraud claims

By Harps Johal for Pollemix News
Posted on July 30, 2021

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell withdrew all advertising from Fox News after they refused to air his latest election fraud allegations. The pillow mogul was livid at the network for rejecting ads promoting his upcoming “cyber symposium“. An event he claims will finally provide the “proof” that will have Americans clamoring to reinstate Trump as President.

Fox News is largely responsible for elevating Lindell as a political pundit and headline maker. Throughout the Trump years, the network promoted the larger-than-life businessman as the quintessential American success story. Charting his rise from a down-and-out crackhead, to reformed born-again Christian and successful entrepreneur. In return, Lindell became a loyal advertiser committing $50 Million in 2020 and $19 Million so far in 2021. This support was unwavering, with MyPillow continuing to advertise on the network through several ad boycotts. For instance in 2020 MyPillow was responsible for a third of all revenue on Tucker Carlson, after major companies withdrew support for the controversial host.

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Following Biden’s 2020 Election victory, Lindell’s profile soared as he became the most vocal proponent of Trump’s election fraud claims. This put him at odds with Fox News, who initially sought to distance themselves from the “stolen election” conspiracy theory. In recent months Fox has embraced Trump’s election fraud claims, after seeing a mass exodus of viewers angered by the network ‘abandoning’ the former President. However, after facing litigation for false election claims, Fox has remained cautious about being too full-throated in their support. Chief among these filings is Dominion Software who launched a $1.6 billion lawsuit against the conservative network.

Despite also facing a lawsuit from Dominion, Lindell has remained unflinchingly loyal to Trump. Unperturbed by Biden being firmly established in the White House, Lindell remains adamant that Trump will be reinstated as President. Going as far as to claim that Trump’s triumphant return will occur in August. His latest effort at overturning the election will be a “Cyber Symposium” where Lindell claims he will unveil irrefutable evidence of Trump’s victory. A claim he has made several times without result.

Lindell blasted the network after Fox rejected the ads and claimed MyPillow would cancel all future advertising.

“I am pulling everything!” Lindell said. “Fox denied the ad, and they based it on pending litigation”. Adding, “things change, but right now I have no plans to ever advertise on Fox News again.”

A Fox News spokesperson called Lindell’s decision “unfortunate”.

“It’s unfortunate Mr. Lindell has chosen to pause his commercial time on FOX News, given the level of success he’s experienced in building his brand through advertising on the number one cable news network.”


Although it may seem like an inconsequential spat, Lindell’s departure from Fox News is significant. Fox refusing to publicize the latest Mike Lindell election conspiracy theory signals that the network may be ready to move on from the Trump era. While MyPillow is a major advertiser, Fox’s ad revenue remains strong, which may explain their refusal to relent. It may, however, cause problems for Tucker Carlson who’s advertising predominantly came from MyPillow. Particularly after several public boycotts last year led to most advertisers abandoning his show for being “too toxic” for their brand.

Fox drawing the line on ads alleging election fraud suggests they are wary of the threat of litigation. Nevertheless, they will need to tread a thin line as Lindell has become something of a folk hero to the MAGA base. Moreover, Trump remains beloved by Republicans so Fox will need to ensure this latest decision is not seen as disloyalty to the former President.

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Despite his ouster from the White House, Donald Trump and his supporters have continued to believe that he may yet be reinstated as President. As a result, there are numerous audits being conducted in states such as Arizona and Georgia seeking to prove Biden's win was illegitimate.

Subsequently, Democrats accuse Trump and his MAGA supporters of being conspiracy theorists and sore losers. Meanwhile, Trump's staunchest supporters insist that the Presidency was "stolen" by Biden and that evidence overturning the election will be uncovered soon.

Will proof of widespread voter fraud and election malfeasance be unearthed? Should Republicans have any hope that Trump will be reinstated as President?