Friendly Fire: Levin and Hannity slam Fox News colleague Tucker Carlson over leaks to NY Times

By Harps Johal for Pollemix News
Posted on June 26, 2021

Fox News host Tucker Carlson found himself under fire yesterday from fellow Fox colleagues Mark Levin and Sean Hannity after he was exposed for leaking negative stories about Donald Trump and other right-wing media figures to Fox’s mainstream media rivals. The revelation seemed to particularly grate upon Mark Levin, who went on a tirade condemning Carlson, without mentioning his name:

“I’ve been in this business almost 20 years and I worked in the Reagan administration for 8 years. I never once, not once leaked anything to a newspaper or media outlet, ever. Let alone the New York Times and their ilk. Certainly not about the people around me,” Levin said on his self-titled radio show.

Mark Levin slams Tucker Carlson over leaks to mainstream media

Levin is infamous for his lengthy diatribes and passionate screeds against anyone and everyone with whom he even mildly disagrees. However, it is rare for him to attack his own, particularly someone who works on the same network. Nevertheless, there has always been an air of discontent between Mark Levin and Tucker Carlson. In contrast to Hannity, where he is a regular fixture,  Levin has never appeared on Carlson’s show. A clear sign that Tucker is not a fan of the self-proclaimed intellectual Levin.

Mark Levin’s close friend Sean Hannity also took a thinly-veiled shot at Carlson:

“Now the big news is that some people at Fox apparently don’t like me, and said bad things about me. Gutlessly, behind my back. According to Ben Smith and members of the media mob,” Hannity lamented.

Hannity’s thinly-veiled attack on Tucker Carlson

Hannity’s relationship with Carlson has always been contentious and the rising popularity of his fellow host clearly rankles the former star of the network. Carlson’s surging viewership has eclipsed Hannity and it is clear from their awkward on-air exchanges that the two are only feigning friendship.

Despite being ideologically aligned, Tucker Carlson is clearly more cerebral than either Hannity or Levin. Hannity has had the self-awareness to recognize this and has instead positioned himself as Trump’s most loyal sycophant. Mark Levin, however, fancies himself a modern-day Thomas Paine and much of his radio show is dedicated to self-aggrandizement and bitter fulminations over the lack of appreciation of his genius. Therefore, Carlson’s success is particularly galling for Levin as he desperately desires to be anointed as the intellectual pillar of conservative thought.


Internal disputes are a regular occurrence within the walls of Fox News. Rarely do these conflicts bubble up publicly, however, particularly when the combatants are ideologically simpatico. Nevertheless, Tucker Carlson’s rising popularity has definitely ruffled some feathers and there is manifest jealousy among his colleagues. Hannity was once the ‘golden-haired boy’ but he has recently found himself playing second-fiddle to Carlson, whose skyrocketing ratings mean he is the new ‘King of Cable News.’

On the other hand, Levin’s missive was likely borne out of frustration that Carlson is considered the thought leader of the right-wing movement. An accolade Levin so desperately craves. The close relationship between Hannity and Mark Levin also played a factor, with Levin more than willing to play attack dog on the man who dethroned his friend as the leader of the network. Levin is mired in a dangerous game, however, as Carlson is beloved by the Fox News hierarchy. While Hannity is safe from any repercussions due to his long tenure with the network and strong ratings, Levin may find himself on the outer if he continues to cross swords with Carlson. A fate that befell Shepard Smith not so long ago.

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