WATCH: ‘Traitor’ Mike Pence booed and heckled at Faith and Freedom summit

By Jefferson Hitchens for Pollemix News
Posted on 19 June, 2021

Former Vice President Mike Pence was jeered with chants of ‘traitor’ as he spoke at the Faith and Freedom Summit on Friday. Throughout his speech, aggressive boos and hisses persisted, however, despite the interruptions Pence managed to soldier on. There were also some cheers but the heckling showed he is far from forgiven by Trump devotees. Many of whom echoed Trump’s criticism that Pence should have refused to confirm Biden as President.

‘Traitor’ Mike Pence heckled at Faith and Freedom Summit

The cold reception Pence received at a Christian conference is a grim reminder of just how far his star has fallen. Pence was once the darling of the evangelical community, beloved for his strict adherence to his faith. He would often say, “I’m a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order.” A mantra that endeared him to the Christian right. His popularity among dedicated Christians led to Pence being deputized by Trump as VP to shore up support among evangelicals.

Nevertheless, despite Trump’s moral failings he eventually became beloved by the Christian faithful whose devotion to Trump bordered on idolatry. As President, he delivered on many of the promises made to the evangelical community. In particular, naming conservative judges to the Supreme Court and speaking out against abortion.

Trump and Pence enjoyed a warm relationship throughout their Presidency, however, their relationship soured after the Capitol Riot. Prior to the certification of Joe Biden’s victory, Trump delivered a fiery speech demanding Pence refuse to certify the win. Following the speech, the Capitol Riot was stormed and Pence was targeted by the unruly mob chanting “Hang Mike Pence”. Pence was apparently livid and blamed Trump for the attack saying “After all the things I’ve done for him.”

Rioters chant “Hang Mike Pence” during Capitol Attack


Mike Pence’s less-than-Christian welcome proves the evangelical community is firmly behind Trump. Pence has tried to refrain from criticizing Trump publicly as he still harbors hopes of running for President in 2024. Sadly, the reception he received shows that he has no hope of usurping Trump. He will undoubtedly be shocked that he is viewed unfavorably by the Christian community when compared to the thrice-married, morally ambivalent Trump. Nevertheless, Trump has become messianic to the evangelical right and Pence is now Judas.

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Former Vice President Mike Pence has already begun making moves indicating that he may run for the top job in 2024. Although he was a loyal sidekick to Trump during the last administration the events of January 06 caused a schism between the two men that is yet to be healed. If Trump does indeed run again in 2024 as he has hinted, the two formerly staunch allies might find themselves facing off against each other in the Republican primaries.

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