Biden News

Joe Biden is now at the helm of the United States, and liberals across the nation couldn’t be happier! Since Democrats were so eager to change the nation, Republicans nationwide are now going to be criticizing Joe’s every move regarding legislation, foreign policy, and an economy that feels as if it is on a dreaded life-support ventilator! Will President Biden dominate the news cycle in the same way his predecessor did? Only time will tell.

Named “Person of the Year” by none other than Time Magazine in 2020, President Biden is going to have to constantly retort “Come on, man” to many who are going to be instantly giving him the smack-down for every move he makes. Democrats couldn’t be happier to return to the Oval Office, while seething conservatives relish in unbridled anger over the new President.

Will President Biden achieve the progressive goals he has outlined or will Republicans be able to thwart him at every turn. Will he govern as a moderate thus pacifying the fears of more centrist Democrats and Republicans? How much of the Biden agenda will be implemented as he makes a big push to improve healthcare, raise taxes on the wealthy and implement key infrastructure programs.

Undoubtedly, the Republican Party will push back on any moves that Biden makes in much the same way they did when he was Vice President under Barack Obama. With a Senate split only by a deciding vote from VP Kamala Harris and a razor thin majority in the House, President Biden will have his work cut out for him whenever he attempts to pass through any landmark legislation.

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